Clear Visions

B.A.B.N. 2...Somewhat

September 14, 2022 Mr. Al Pete Season 5 Episode 7
Clear Visions
B.A.B.N. 2...Somewhat
Show Notes

Good day, or evening Neighbors & Groovers. I don’t want to draw this out, but here’s an ideal of what B.A.B.N. 2 would sound like. The songs you’re hearing now are rough versions of the songs. For context, I like to record a reference of said song, send it to the producer of the record, make changes or add on things, record it again, get it mixed/mastered, and released to the world (or city…being that I feel like my music can’t get pass the city…in which the city doesn’t mention it much…for reasons I don’t have to go into…but it’s the obvious reasons). 

One phrase that will stick with me until the end of…is when DJ Jazzy Jeff stated ‘DIE EMPTY’…so…here it is (again…if you’ve followed me randomly throwing out some content, due to). I haven’t came up with titles for the songs. I had plenty of ideas and things I wanted to try out. The quotes you(‘ll) hear is from a collection of statements I came across and wanted them to assist me with my creativity with the music and the ‘admin’ side of things. Maybe they’ll be saved for later, but the quotes were centered around some of the topics of B.A.B.N. 2: hope, leadership, community building, and redemption.  

We’ll see what the music spirits brings for the next round of music. Praying it won’t be much time in between, even though the spirit of me leaving Hip Hop alone is present…and when I say Hip Hop, I mean mostly the emcee side, BUT…the culture of it is in shambles and I’m not sure if I want to continue. You know how you love something so much to where you want to leave it? Whether it’s abrupt, indifference, wrong, simple? Yeah…that’s partly where I’m at. 

Enjoy the podcast show/music. 

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