Clear Visions

An Ode To Barry White feat. Crowned ReRe

August 15, 2022 Mr. Al Pete, Crowned ReRe Season 5 Episode 5
Clear Visions
An Ode To Barry White feat. Crowned ReRe
Show Notes

After a podcast recording with my friend Crowned ReRe for our show Flowers For The Culture, I left the recordings on while we went through some of Barry White’s music and celebrated him…or gave him his flowers. It started with us comparing White’s adlibs to Westside Gunn’s famous gun adlib…and it went from there. I figured that it would help me get back in my creative bag, and it did. 

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Enjoy the episode. 


Mr. Al Pete ‘Music Maestro, Please’ (production)

Black Thought ‘Thought vs Everybody’

Mr. Al Pete ‘Just Heard Sample’ (production)

Mr. Al Pete ‘Loved By Some’ (production)

**The production you’re going to hear was me flipping the samples from Barry White’s music into a beat. These beats aren’t for sale…due to legal reasons…so don’t snitch…just flexing my creativity…enjoy**

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